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Venus the Two-Faced Cat Still a Mystery.

17/07/2014 · AR: Why are Venus’s eyes different colors? VP: It must be the white spotting gene that’s affecting her eyes, because the blue eye has a lack of melanin. This cat has white spots on the chest, and it has white paws. The white spotting gene, the piebald gene, is probably affecting the two. Venus the Cat is a very popular feline in news with two colours and blue eye. This is a miracle that this cat has a black patch on one side of face. This cat might be a chimera or this may be a coincidence. There is also no explanation for the beautifully coloured eyes of. Venus the Two Face Cat “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. Follow @venusandfamily to see my 3 cat siblings & Shiba Inu dog sis! 21/08/2012 · See my newest fun and playful vivid color HD video here - go to channel: VenusMommy or click /watch?v=DDdU_iIy6XE And, please visit.

08/07/2014 · Origins: The cat shown in the image displayed above is named Venus, and she was adopted from a North Carolina dairy farm in 2009. Her distinctive appearance comes from a face that is neatly divided vertically into two very different halves: one side having solid black fur with a yellow eye, and the other having orange tabby markings. When you think of a cat, you probably think of a few basic coat colors and patterns that you most commonly see cats in. But did you know there are some rare coat colors out there? While some breeds are made up entirely of rare coat colors, others truly are.

29/06/2014 · Meet Venus the fascinating feline with the world’s most interesting face. She not only has two different colored eyes known as heterochromia, but she also has two starkly different fur colors split exactly down the middle of her face. Venus the Chimera split face, two face, odd eye, 2 diff color eyes, cat gone viral, MY GIRL xoxo - Duration: 118 seconds. A chimera is most obvious when the eyes are two different colours Although in the case of a cat not having white spotting, blue is an impossible eye colour unless a cat has pointing. or the cat has more than three coat colours Especially if one is dilute and the other is non-dilute, as if a cat is dilute all their colours become dilute. Venus’s face is split evenly into two colors. Venus the two-faced cat is currently the most famous feline on the planet. The three-year-old tortoiseshell has her own Facebook page and a YouTube video that’s been viewed over a million times, and appeared on the Today Show last week.

  1. Aug 22, 2015- Explore ringssdmf's board "Venus ~ The two-faced cat", followed by 194 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Two faced cat, Cats and Cute animals.
  2. 08/07/2014 · Two-toned cats aren't really all that strange to see, but what about a two-toned cat with two different eye colors and a face that looks like two cats were combined into one? Meet Venus the cat. As you can see she has a very distinct face, with black fur and a green eye on one side, and brown fur.

27/08/2012 · The colors of Venus the cat’s face is genetically split in two, one side is black fur with a green eye and the other is ginger calico with a blue eye. Venus’ unique look is caused by chimerism and her eyes are different colors because of a genetic condition called heterochromia. The cat is real. With a straight line perfectly separating the cat’s face into two colors – along with two different eye colors – there have been several theories as to why Venus.

Venus Two-faced Cat Genetics. The photo of Venus is Photograph courtesy TODAY Show/NBC – an extracted image. Pictures of the calico cat Maya below Venus and the Black and white cat Vic are by fofurasfelinas Giane Portal and published with her permission. 25/12/2014 · Venus is a famous cat whose face is evenly split into two colours. She is a perhaps the most famous cat on this planet. She is a celebrity cat with over two lakh followers on Instagram. 40.8k Likes, 669 Comments - Venus the Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat on Instagram: “Which eye color is your favorite? 💚or💙 heterochromia”. See more of Venus the Two Face Cat on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Venus the Two Face Cat on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Recent Post by Page. Venus the Two Face Cat. Yesterday at 8:20 AM. I was born Halloween colors.

23 Best Venus ~ The two-faced cat images Two.

Here’s a question: what color is Venus? With the unaided eye, Venus just looks like a very bright star in the sky. But spacecraft have sent back images of the cloud tops of Venus, and some have even returned images from the surface of Venus. If you could actually fly out to Venus and lookContinue reading "What Color is Venus?". The latest Tweets from Venus Two Face Cat @Venustwofacecat. I'm an 8 yr old tortoishell w/ 1/2 blk face & 1/2 orange face w/1 blue eye & 1 green eye. My whiskers R diff colors on ea side.pls visit my FB pg 2.

  1. 31/08/2012 · Many reports about Venus refer to the cat as a "chimera." In mythology, a chimera is a mishmash monster made up of parts of different animals. A feline chimera is a cat whose cells contain two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together.
  2. 15/07/2014 · Venus the Chimera Cat with Two Faces Venus The Two Toned Cat On GMA 2 Faced Feline VIDEO Meet Venus, The Two-Faced Cat! VIDEO AND PICTURES You may think your cat is the most interesting and beautiful in all the world, but you may have a bit of a contender to deal with once you lay eyes on Venus, a Chimera cat with a "two face" look and two different eye colors!
  3. 17/12/2015 · This video shows the two face cat named vinus and it has two diffrent color eyes and it is not photo shopped its real it going viral. This is a kitty with sp.

4 Nov 2017- She is real, not photoshopped!!. See more ideas about Two faced cat, Crazy cats and Cute cats. An extensive cat colour reference archive for Oriental Longhairs and other breeds in all their variations. Send me an ask to request any cat breed and colour of your choice for Mixed Monday! 08/07/2014 · Transcript for Meet Venus, the Majestic Two-Toned-Faced Cat Also -- -- -- this morning we -- very special -- they gave the cat lover on the set this assignment that's this is Venus the cat who is truly one of the -- happened over faces black the other half is orange. Meet Venus, the Two-Faced Cat. Venus, the two-faced cat, puzzles scientists. More Videos; Up Next. Pres. Trump Is Officially Withdrawing U.S. from Paris Climate Agreement. 00:48. Trump Advisors Propose Controversial Changes at National Parks. 00:59. Police Pursue Pack of. 34.9k Likes, 257 Comments - Venus the Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat on Instagram: “I was born Halloween colors! 🖤🧡🖤🧡 Caption this with a fun Halloween slogan or tag line about me”.

A Cat fell in love with a handsome young man, and begged the goddess Venus to change her into a woman. Venus was very gracious about it, and changed her at once into a beautiful maiden, whom the young man fell in love with at first sight and shortly afterwards married. Cat coat genetics determine the coloration, pattern, length, and texture of feline fur. Understanding how is challenging because many genes are involved. The variations among cat coats are physical properties and should not be confused with cat breeds. A cat may display the coat of a certain breed without actually being that breed. I know this is a forum for rare cat colours, I just wanted to pay homage to two cats, my little poppet and a really grumpy cat- the Brit was born grumpy even when I saw her at 5 weeks old to be vetted by the breeder, who still keeps in contact with me.

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